Saturday, March 10, 2012

Six Months Ago...

It's been six months since September.
I can't believe my progress. Granted, I will never be "the same", but that is what change does to a person. If you are willing to change, you will never be the same regardless of what you CHOOSE to change and what happens to change you. I have never been a big fan of change, but I've definitely learned why it's a beautiful thing.
I wanted to give those who are still willing to check the blog an update at my six month mark. There have been some exciting things happening. I have loaded this up with pictures to help me remember the updates! Of course, my first choice of entry is about STAR WARS! On Valentine's Day we went to see Star Wars: Phantom Menace in 3D. It was so great! I have never seen that movie in the theater because I was on my mission when it came out. So I was just geeking out in the theater to see it there. It's not my favorite movie, but it was fun to see it in the theater and cool to see it clearly in 3D.
I've heard a few times that the Force is with me...I think I might agree! HAHA!
This is a shot of the most wonderful advent calendar that helped grow my love of Legos and Occupational Therapy. I built a Lego per day while we were getting ready for Christmas. So fun!
Now I just have to say that we are having a Leprechaun Frolic Party this week (as a new family tradition demands). Last year we were on a cruise ship in Hawaii, but that didn't stop us from dressing up like Leprechauns and partying all night! Anyone who reads this blog is invited. Here are the details:
If you go to this website, I designed it a couple years ago and I put some "Easter Eggs" or "Lucky Charms" into it of parties from past years. There are 9 links in the page, so find them if you can and have fun at it. It will give you a good idea of what the party will be like.
That brings me to a VERY exciting update. WE GOT A NEW CAR! One that has extra safety features and an active headrest and it's heavy and has new tires and all-wheel drive and it's WONDERFUL to drive. We test drove it one night, not thinking we would be that impressed, and we bought it the next day. Rustin is great at researching this stuff and finding great deals on the best stuff so he did an AMAZING job finding this car.
The more exciting news is that I passed my driving test. I had to take three tests. One that measured my reaction time and multi-tasking, one that was a shorter version of the DMV written test, and one that I had to drive in a Student Driver with an instructor and my therapist. I passed all three rather easily and I have been driving, extra safely, ever since. We love this car so much we nicknamed it "The Millennium Falcon" and I bought a Lego keychain for it.
This all happened around the middle of January.
I was more excited about this keychain than I probably will be about any keychain ever.
Rustin and I were invited by our friend Mona to go to Glenwood Springs! This is a favorite place of ours and we both needed it. It has two natural spring water pools. One is constantly 94 degrees and the "therapy pool", which is a bit smaller, ranges from 104-107 degrees. It was very theraputic for us both! We loved it and needed it. It was freezing outside but we would just jump in the water and stay there for hours. We were there for two days and went to swimming about 5 times. It's about 6 hours away from Salt Lake and it's just off of I-70! So worth it!
One of our favorite things about where we live is that we feel like we are in the woods! Every morning when we have breakfast we sit and watch the birds. There are so many and Rustin takes good care of them. They are happy and hungry birds. We also have made a new friend. His name is Squirrley. We feed him walnuts and spanish peanuts and sometimes peanut butter. He LOVES us. We will go outside and he comes right up to us. We haven't gotten him to eat from our hands yet, but we are close. He is very friendly!
Here is our little buddy eating some peanut butter off a corn cob Rustin has hooked him up with! I took this picture with my iPhone so he lets me get pretty close to him!
Can you believe it's been 40 years since my parents were married! They celebrate their anniversary this week. They are going to see a tennis tournament in Palm Springs, lucky devils! We are having the leprechaun party at their house while they are gone. It's a good thing my mom has taught us how to throw a mighty party!
These are two of my favorite "students", I'm actually their student but it can go both ways! What sweethearts! We are learning lots about the challenges of the Apple Store and loving every minute of it. Thanks to both of them for helping me progress so much so fast! I am officially going back to work on the 19th of March. I'm so excited to be back. I have missed teaching so much, not to mention all the amazing people I get to work with. I'm a lucky girl to have such great, supportive people at my work.
We did a fun little trip to Moab a few weekends ago with Mandy! We saw some beautiful arches and loved every minute of it. It's so nice to escape from all the appointments Rustin and I have. I didn't think I'd need a vacation having so much time away from work, but the appointment schedule we are on keeps us a busy as work does. It was so sunny and nice weather and we drove the Falcon so it was enjoyable on lots of levels!
So that's the update from the last time I wrote. I have a nerd quote to leave you with that is from my favorite author and were so many to choose from but I feel this applies well:
“I wish it need not have happened in my time," said Frodo. "So do I," said Gandalf, "and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring