Monday, July 30, 2007

Gluttony at the Del Coronado!

Oh, how much fun we had at the Del... thanks to MOM! We went there yesterday to enjoy their ($60 a person!!) Sunday Brunch! It was delicious and just as good as I had remembered it... Here are some pictures of Aaron and Me before eating our 9 plates of food:) The favorite part I must say was the chocolate fountain. We loved the chocolate covered strawberries! This chocolate mousse was delicious too... We are actually just "pretending" to eat this - I think if either of us had actually eaten that one last bite we would have lost it. We were SO full! Aaron ate 4 waffles!!! Which pretty much could have counted as a dessert. They were topped with whipped cream (lots of it) mixed berries, coconut, syrup and powdered sugar... Here is a picture of my dessert plate. I tried a little of everything:) Beautiful yummy smelling flowers in the lobby at the Del. Mom, you would have loved it!!! We definitely need to go next time you guys come down to visit. Oh, look at that BEAUTIFUL BOUGAINVILLEA! We had to take a picture! Here are our little food babies post THE DEL. Ha ha. We had such a fun time yesterday!!! After brunch we all went home and had a 4 hour Sunday afternoon nap:) Then we took our beach cruisers down to Mission Bay and rode around during sunset. It has been so much fun to have Nicole here! Thanks SO much to such a wonderful MOM to treating us to brunch at the Del. We had a blast!! Love you all millions:) xoxox

Friday, July 27, 2007

Look at how much fun we are having!!!

And it's all because it's NICOLE'S BIRTHDAY!!! So we have been celebrating all week:) First, we went to Coronado and sat on the beach and read Harry Potter! Followed by Lunch (and pastries!!) at Tartine. It was delicious! Why did we not take pictures of our dessert?! The next day we went beach cruising through Balboa park and had lunch. Followed by red velvet SPRINKLES CUPCAKES - which, by the way, were delicious! Then on Nicole's actual birthday she got to go to COMIC-CON all day! Afterwards, we met up for dinner at the Coronado Brewing company. And we ate some cake... lots of it! Followed by some ugly face PICTURES!! Of course. See how cool it is to have your birthday in SAN DIEGO!?! I think you should all come down for Mom's!! It's so much fun! Yeah for birthdays!! Happy B-diggity NICOLE!!

Friday, July 20, 2007

Famous Seamus

Hey Kids- Nicole and I went to Clark's show last night with his new band. It was SAH-WEET! It was a free show outside in the courtyard between Maggie Moo's and Barnes and Noble in Sugar house. I think there's a concert next week at the Circuit. Clark you should post the details. I didn't have any pictures of your band so this one will just have to do. Rock the flip On! aMaNDa