Friday, February 29, 2008

Whose the cutest baby in the land? Whose Grandma's little cuddle lumpkin? It's little Corbin Scott Cannon! What a good baby! He just sleeps and eats and eats and eats.

Below he's cuddled in the little cloud blanket that Aunt Nita and I saw at the Bellagio in Vegas and couldn't resist.

Even in his sleep, he's able to make his point.

Check out the little finger.

How about three generations of Cannon men? Aren't they good looking? What fine examples of the male gender.

Having just been fed, Corby and Uncle Clark keep their chins up - all of them.

I noticed we had lots of pictures of the baby, Scott with the baby, and Mitzi with the baby, but no pictures of the three of them together! So here is the first official picture of the Scott & Mitzi Cannon family of three!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Carole's Birthday

I posted all this picks in a non-chronological order, so this post does not flow well, but you'll get the idea.  This is a fried egg jellyfish that we saw this morning at Scripps Oceanarium just above Carole's house in La Jolla.  We were on a birthday excursion with her for President's Day. Sweet Carole has hit the quarter century mark, but she doesn't look a day over 25.   We enjoyed touching things in the tide pool outside.  We touched this soft brown lump that was supposedly the softest animal in the sea, we touched anenomes that grabbed our fingers and clung to them. For lunch we met Aaron at the Westgate's Grand Cafe.  After a lovely and  beautifully served lunch, they brought each of us out a dessert sampler.  One of the most yummy things on the tray was the tall glass of palate-cleansing sorbet that we ate between different desserts.  Pretty darn divine.  The chef came out to see if we were happy with it and to wish Carole a Happy Birthday.   We began this morning with a breakfast of crepes and belgian waffles from a little shop around the corner from Carole's house.  We ate outdoors amongst the palms.   We've got a whale of a tail to tell you about Scripps.  Told by the jolly large fellow below who sports big, moving lips. Nothing like a gorgeous pink jelly-belly for a treat.  I could watch them swim forever.  It is mesmerizing  to gaze at them undulating through the water.  Dad especially liked this bubble coral.  He though it looked like a bubbling brain.   Now, the last order of the day is for Carole to decide where we're going for a fabulous birthday dinner!  Birthday fun!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dog Park Barkley

Despite the fact that today's high was in the 20's, Barkley wants to walk.  The sun was shining and so off to the dog park we went.  It was really beautiful and Barkley was adamant that we go.  
He was having big fun running in the snow.  He was leaping and hopping and snifing all the other dogs.  The only downside for me is this - we got home 3 hours ago and I'm still cold!

Ju NO!

So Dad and I went to see the much acclaimed movie, Juno, last night.  I knew it dealt with a teen pregnancy but I had heard it was uplifting and the guys on KSL's movie show said it was a definite go-to movie - 3 1/2 stars.  So we went.  Guess what, I was NOT uplifted.  The snappy diaglogue was mostly dirty and often vulgar.  The ending was a travesty.  Juno makes a wise decision (unlike the one she made to be sexually irresponsible outside of marriage) and opts out of an abortion.  Instead she finds a neat yuppie couple to adopt her baby.  All is well until the yuppie husband, Justin Bateman, decides, in an ultimate moment of choosing self-gratification, that he would rather divorce Jennifer Garner (who very much wants a baby) and not have to contribute to a relationship or have the burden of being a father.  Way to go, Justin, you creep.  Jennifer Garner ends up taking the baby as a single mom (not Heavenly Father's plan for any of his babies) and since she will be divorced, the baby will essentially be an orphan because he won't have any kind of a dad (seeing as Juno's love interest is completely ignorant of his responsibility in this matter) and his mom will have to work full-time to support them like the hard-working lady she is.  O Brother.  Some uplift. I would recommend that anyone who wants to see a good movie about adoption of a child watch Irene Dunne and Cary Grant in Penny Serenade.  Irene Dunne is injured in an earthquake and cannot have children.  Does Cary Grant abandon her or divorce her??? No, of course not. Instead, they seek to adopt a child.  No sordid details of illicit teen sex acts here.  Instead the movie portrays the adoption agency as acting in the best interest of the baby; wanting it to have a home with two loving responsible parents.  When Cary Grant loses his job the agency considers taking their little girl away from them because the dad can't support her.  Cary Grant goes before the agency officials and in a most memorable scene vows that he will work several menial jobs or do whatever it takes to support his wife and adoptive child.  I cried watching that scene.  No abdication of the father's role here.  No shuffling off responsibility.  It was like watching manhood in its finest hour.  Now that's a movie worth watching.  Let me know when you'd like to borrow it.  It's in my movie library.