Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Late St. Patty's Day!

Nicole, this is my favorite new picture of you. I think I'll frame it and put it on my wall. And just for fun, I thought I'd post the most terrifying clip from Darby O'Gill and the Little People. I had to turn it off in the middle, but I hope you guys enjoy it! Happy St. Patty's (a week ago) my darlings.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Las Vegas or Bust!

It was family reunion time!  Cousin Rob was back from Iraq and at his request all the Cannons convened in Las Vegas for the weekend.  It was so much fun to be together again! Aunt Nita and Uncle Bob joined the clan for breakfast at the Venetian before the U of U/UNLV game.  Dad had TWO gelato cones right in a row.  He said one was his breakfast, the other his lunch.  We had the cutest human centerpiece for our table - Baby Corbin Cannon!  The best of all the game! My $500 Leprechaun is still waiting for my fairy godmother to purchase him from the all-Venetian made shop along the Grand Canal.  I think he is just magically delicious. Breakfast at the wonderful "Bouchon" restaurant in the Venetian.  Uncle Bob really likes their "pommes frites".  I think they're "smokin'" Auntie Carole got her first look at baby Corbin and it was a good one.  He gave a "toes up" nod to her feeding prowess. Is there anyplace more fabulous than the Venetian?  It's like walking in a work of art. Instead of getting our money in the slots, the Venetian cleaned up on us buying their gelato - at least twice a day.  It just seems to make everybody happy to eat gelato and we're really into buying happiness.
Friday night dinner with Rob at Lawry's.  I can't remember having better food.  Oh, it was wonderful.  They brought Rob a complimentary "Welcome Back" dessert. Baby Corbin only has eyes for his grandpa, who graciously took baby-duty while the rest of us went to be dazzled by Cirque du Soleil's "Ka" at the MGM Grand.  Robert said it was the best show he'd ever seen.   He was spot on!  It was stupendous!  What a lucky family to enjoy each other, great food, cool digs and out of this world entertainment.  I want to go again!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Mystery of the missing kisses

So, Dad and I left right after Valentine's Day to see Carole.  I left all the decorations out including a three section heart-shaped dish with each section full of Hershey's foil-wrapped kisses that were left over from our Valentine party. 
When we returned home, all the Hershey kisses were gone.  The dish was empty but felt yucky I noticed, so I washed it well before putting it away for the season.  I thought that Nicole/Mandy and company had enjoyed the left over candy.
A  few days ago Dad came up to me with his pouty Dad face on and said, "I don't want you to ever yell at me for feeding the dog chocolate Oreos, ever again!"  I asked him, "Why?"  Apparently he had been out on doggy-do-do clean up detail and noticed many colored foil wrappings amongst the Barkley do-do; foil wrappings that had previously covered Hershey's valentine chocolate kisses! ! !