Tuesday, January 29, 2008

After at least three failed attempts to get tickets to see "O" at the Bellagio over the past several years, Anita got us on the front row for the late show in Vegas last week.  I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed.  I expected it to be an "underwater show" with an elevated pool you could see through.  Instead, the pool is level with the stage and you can't see anything underwater, although all the Cirquers go underwater.  This made it more like the other Cirque shows and I was expecting something quite different.  So once again, I fell victim to unfulfilled expectations.  How they torment us! None the less, the acrobats, etc. did not disappoint.  These little Asian contortionists were made of rubber.  Very impressive stretchy, bendable rubber.  The only really uncomfortable part of the show for me was when divers dove into the little stage pool from about five stories up in the rafters.  You could literally count seconds until they hit the water.  Just watching gave me vertigo and I felt my stomach do leaps and somersaults.  Heights, you know.   Still, it is a show like no other and well worth seeing.  Our evening dinner was at the Picasso restaurant in Bellagio.  You eat right on the level of the dancing fountains on the lake in front of Bellagio and watch the water show during dinner when you're not busy revolving your head to look at the restaurant decor -- original oil paintings by Picasso.  The menu features two set dinners at a fixed price.  Dad and I took the cheaper of the two - $123 a plate.  (I can hear Scott choking)  But, it was a dinner I will always remember.  The entree choices were deer, beef rib, or pidgeon.  Which would you choose????

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Phantom in Las Vegas

Dad and I got to the Bear Paw early for breakfast so we could pick up Anita & Bob at the Las Vegas airport by 9am.  Our first stop was at the Venetian so Dad could get some gelato.  We found it in a little cart in St. Mark's square by the canal shops - the tried and true gelato place downstairs wasn't open when we early birds got there.  The Venetian has added another whole new associated hotel and shopping area called the Palazzo.  It looks a bit like they are competing with Bellagio's conservatory.  Waterfalls three stories high, amidst formal gardens; amidst shops many which were not yet opened - you get the idea.  Unfortunately, I forgot my camera this trip.  We took several pics with Anita's camera, but she doesn't know how to download pictures from her camera; she didn't have a cord so I could download them, so it may be a while before we get them; but we've got 'em and they're great!  That evening we had an early dinner at Lawry's, still my favorite.  Then Aunt Nita had gotten us the best seats in the house (front row center) to see Phantom of the Opera at the Venetian.  They built a 40 million dollar theatre especially for this production and it was spectacular.  We entered to see the walls shrouded in mold colored drapings.  Once the show began the drapings were whisked away to reveal the sides of the theatre replicating the Paris Opera House.  At the same time, there are four pieces of the famous chandelier, one of which came flying off the stage right over our heads to finally join with it's other pieces that are flying around the theatre in the center of the opera dome.  Wow.  At another point in the show the phantom flies around the theatre hanging from the bottom of the chandelier.  And of course, it crashes with theatrical splendor during the show too.  Holy special effects, BatMan.  The phantom kept popping to different places around the stage, I was thinking that they were using doubles for him, but I think I was wrong because at the end of the show everyone came out to take their bows like regular human beings and at the very end suddenly, "Poof" the phantom appeared right before my eyes in front of me onstage.  This show was full of terrific trickeration.  And when Christine sang her song in the graveyard, I thought it was the most beautiful note I've ever heard.  Sweet beyond belief.  Who needs Broadway? Head to Vegas!
Go here and scroll down to see a video of the chandelier:

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

A Request for the Family - Apartment Videos!

Seeing as most of us have blogs, and most of us have places of residence, I thought it would be fun to see everyone's place of residence on their blog! I never saw Carole and Aaron's Salt Lake apartment, and still haven't seen their San Diego abode. Neither have I seen Amanda, Nicole, or Clark's new residences. I don't know if you guys enjoyed seeing our video tour of Jones Place, but I would love to see what it's like where you guys are living...that way I'll know who we should visit next and who we should stay with. So break out those cameras, shoot some video, give us a tour, and let's all enjoy. Of course, if you have roommates, be sure to work things out with them - I don't want this to create any weirdness. Thanks! Scott

Friday, January 18, 2008

So Dad and I are spending a carefree evening in St. George enroute to a jolly weekend of fun in Las Vegas with Anita and Bob.  We met with the attorney this afternoon and made some good progress with our estate planning.  Then we checked into our hotel and went to dinner at the Gun Barrel Restaurant where we had Mary's memorial party.  My tenderloin filet was to die for!  I was feeling like a carefree young thing.  All this fun was going to my head.  Then we went up to the ticket window to buy our movie tickets to see The Great Debaters.  I was shocked when the young man only charged us $5 each.  I quickly checked the signs to see if he had made an error or if we had gotten some nifty discount.  Then I saw it -- the sign that said "Seniors price $5.00".  We got the old people's price without even so much as a question about our age or asking us for ID.  After watching this really good movie with a bunch of other old people we dragged our tired old bones back to the hotel to retire early like the rickety old blue hairs that we are.  It was bound to happen.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Cannons at Christmas

Scott asked me how the house looked for Christmas this year.  We had remodeled and some things were nicely finished and others still undone.  Some were the same as in times past. We bought our first artifical Christmas tree.  After getting new carpet installed we had to decided whether or not to bring in a tree and subject the carpet to needles dropping and tree-watering mishaps.  We decided to just go articical.  Carole and Aaron did a fine job of decorating it for us.  I kept thinking it would wilt and droop; just kept thinking he should check the water - old habits die hard.  The tree weathered the holidays just fine. We're especially enjoying the new carpeting on the staircase.  It is extra soft and feels super on bare feet. We've especially enjoyed the new fireplace.  The gas log is easily lit by a switch on the opposit wall.  We have a fire almost every night.  The accent wall is painted in suede paint.  The marble surround is Greek cappachino.  I love the mantle, although sadly, there were no little stockings to hang from it this Christmas. We filled the new cabinets with all of our nutcrackers and nativity sets.   There's no place like home for the holidays.  We're looking forward to many happy, homey Christmases to come.