Saturday, December 10, 2011

Full of Thanks!

WOW! This Thanksgiving I have so much to be thankful for. I was taken off my liquid diet within about two weeks of Thanksgiving dinner so I could practice chewing. I think I may have gone through each Thanksgiving of my life and have never felt grateful for the ABILITY to CHEW! This year, that was different. I emailed this photo to my facial surgeon (who gave me the ability to chew and told me to practice up for turkey day) to hopefully show my appreciation to him! What a delicious dinner! It was nice not to have to put it in a blender ;)
I have more to be grateful for than this blog can hold, so just know that I am thankful for all of you readers of the blog that have been praying for me and sending some POSITIVITY my way. I think I wouldn't be healing as fast without your help!
This was R2D2 day! Rustin and I celebrated with our R2D2 beanies that were hand-crafted by my friend in San Diego for me. How amazing is she? And she's not even a Star Wars fan! That is love, right there. They are my favorite beanies. This was right before a very long awaited visit to some of my dearest friends at work that have been so supportive and amazing to me. It was fun to see them and I wore my Millennium Falcon t-shirt in honor of them. Sweet little Applets.
After my work visit we went to our favorite Jamba Juice! We thought it would be fun to take some cross-eyed pictures of ourselves. We do that to practice exercising my left eye but it was fun to have some assistance.
This is a picture of me with my favorite Christmas decoration of my Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar. I put the legos together every day! I was excited this day because I got the X-wing fighter and Luke Skywalker. I also have some exciting news, because I was a little sad that I wouldn't be able to enjoy Star Wars in 3D but Rustin and I tested my 3D vision on his brother's 3D TV and I was able to see the 3D CLEARLY! The depth is a little less but it is CLEAR. This is exciting for me because I am going to be able to go see the movie in the theaters with all my fellow nerds!
Rustin and I got our Christmas tree early this year. It's a BIG tree!
For my therapy I have been trying to get up the gusto to put lights on the tree. I finally had a night when I had the energy to do it! Luckily my sweet parents said they would come help me. My sweet dad helped me with the tree and my sweet mom helped me decorate the house (something she is a natural at).
Enjoying the fruits of our labors! Merry Christmas Everyone!