Friday, November 23, 2007

Wolf Bliss

Okay. I was sick and in order to keep myself resting, I read New Moon & Eclipse by Stephanie Meyer in two days. This time the reader is introduced to a red-hot wolfman. You can see my choice for the role in the picture. Tall dark and wolfy. I must admit to a personal preference for the dark-complected. I remember thinking my dad was the most handsome man ever, when I was a little girl. I used to be so proud to take him to father/daughter parties because he was always the best-looking dad of all (although he wasn't much of a dancer). Plus he was so nice. My friends' dads seemed scary and gruff and unappealing. My dad's black hair and dark eyes fixed my preference early on. So if I were Bella would I choose eternal damnation with a blonde or mortality with a furry wolf? No question. I'd go with the wolfman. Besides I love fuzzy animals.

Monday, November 12, 2007

The biggest bird's nest in Salt Lake City was built right inside our old fireplace. One rock had fallen out of our river rock outsife fireplace, just barely big enough for a bird to get in - apparently for a long time. Long enough to pack in a nest about 3 feet deep and as wide as our fireplace. We discovered why it was always so cold by our olf fireplace - there was absolutely no insulation whatsoever in the outside box. For all those living outside Utah, notice that we no longer have a big low beam in the living room ceiling and a lowered ceiling in the west end. All gone, all raised. Last week they finished the cabinets on either side of the new fireplace and today they brought the marble back for the surround. Next up - the mantel. Then paint. The furniture is on order but the couch won't get here until January. I've wanted a fireplace mantel for 30 years and this Christmas I'll have one but no stockings to hang in front. So much for sentimentality - I'll be happy to have it anyway!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pumpkin Fest

The annual Cannon Family Halloween was a Pumpkin Fest! The Big Four (Kathleen, Gayle, Judy and Janet) determined that we would only host the entire family once a year from now on and I get to do Halloween. Even though we're under construction with a remodel on the living room, we went ahead with the party. There were 34 of us all over the place. We ate beef stew in pumpkin shaped bread bowls, had a brain jello fruit plate and frog eye salad. There were pumpkin-faced Lindt chocolate balls and frosted jack-o-lantern cookies for favors. Most of the kids came in costume and I was in my witch regalia as hostess. Little Isabelle was a darling pirate, and the formerly shy Abby Rose has blossomed into a vivacious cowgirl. Sammy was Hannah Montana. Lucy and Ellie were fairies. Chrisitan was Darth Vader. We got pumpkins for all the kids and set them to pumpkin painting in the living room. We didn't have to worry about paint spilling or any accidents because it's all going to be redone. This seemed to free up their creative spirits and we had mucho fun. Everyone stayed a long time and dads helped cart the pumpkin beauties home. Surprize, surprize, the only thing left over was - brain jello. I finally threw it out after Clark told me he just couldn't look at it and eat it. When Barkley turned his nose up at it too, it went into the trash.