Sunday, February 21, 2010

The 50's Golden Oldies - but Goodies

Time for the Wasatch Group get together! Fred and Jill planned a 50's Golden Oldies party for us. Their home was turned into a hamburger joint complete with menus - we each gave our order to poodle-skirted waitresses, Lauren & Hannah (Their darling granddaughters). Our placemats were record albums. We got to choose creme soda, root beer or black cherry soda to drink. The scary looking grill master wore a black leather vest - but he grilled up some mighty fine burgers and dogs. Homemade french fries and onion rings came to us in paper-lined plastic baskets. After sufficiently stuffing ourselves, we adjourned to do a little 50's dancing on the Wii. We were really hot stuff - just like the old days. What a fun party!