Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Gardner Village Witches

Happy Times! Anita, Bob and Deb Snyder came to town to spend Halloween with us! It was time to party, so we headed out to Gardner Village to see their witches and shop about.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Lobster Fest - into the Tribune

For years we've said we should join in the costume contest at the annual Halloween Hi Jinks Symphony. This was the year. I spent two days sewing 4 lobster costumes to go with Nicole's original that she made in San Diego. We finished sewing 8 lobster claws about 30 minutes before we had to leave for the symphony because Uncle Rick came early and helped us stuff all of them.
We lost the costume contest, although the judges gave us kudos from onstage. The symphony mascot, seagull, asked if he could have pictures taken with us. But when we all showed up at Red Lobster for dinner after the symphony, several staff members came out to greet us and asked us to come in and visit our relatives in the tank. It was hard to know what to choose when you found yourself on the menu.
The Salt Lake Tribune asked readers to send in pictures of their Halloween costumes. I sent some along and a reporter responded back to me that so far, ours were their favorites. Surprise! Halloween morning, our picture was on the front page of the Utah section!

Phantom Cannons

The annual Cannon Family Halloween fest was based on Phantom of the Opera The masquerade was accessorized by everyone's feather mask and the little girl's sequined tiaras. Dessert featured a chocolate fountain with fruit and cake to dunk in dripping chocolate. Instead of bringing down a chandelier, the kids all got together and brought down a mirror-ball pinata.