Friday, December 28, 2007

Corbin Scott Cannon

It's official.  The baby's name is Corbin Scott Cannon (C.S. Cannon)  Mitzi thinks his ears look like elf ears, so I suggested Legolas Cannon, but it didn't fly.  He is a tranquil, wonderful little soul. Granny and Grumps have delighted in holding and loving him.  Tonight he came home from the hospital.  They were supposed to check out about 2pm but the doctor that had to clear Mitzi to leave got caught doing two caesarian sections and they had to wait until 7:30pm.  Luckily, Grumps and I had been to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch and we got Scott and Mitzi a cheesecake treat which we all ate when we got back with little Corbin to their darling home. Auntie Nicole was wonderful with him.  She brought her new R2D2 robot to indoctrinate him into the world of Stars Wars right away.  She also gave him an "Apple" computer logo onesie; so this kid is really on the right track from the start. One of the day's highlights was bringing Scott & Mitzi's Christmas presents to the hospital and watching them open their gifts.  This is a Christmas they'll never forget!  Welcome, Corbin!  We are so happy you're here.  

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Our Christmas "Bean" is Here

Scott called us at 11:30pm the day after Christmas - "the Bean's" official due date.  He was on his way.  It took some time, but he was born at 2:20pm December 27th (one day before Uncle Aaron's birthday).  He is the cutest baby in the hospital.  He has a good amount of dark, darling hair and he is trying to suck his thumb already.  He is a good size at 8 pounds 7 ounces & 21 " long.  Mitzi thinks he looks like his daddy.  So do I except Scott's hair was blonde.  
Granny and Grumps were waiting in the wings when he arrived.  We got to hold and admire him when he was 1 hour old.  He is very alert and loves to stretch.  I have yet to hear him cry.  He is pretty much perfect.   We couldn't be more thrilled.  Mitzi had a tough go during labor until they got her an epidural block.  Scott got a little woozy during delivery and had to go lie down.  Actually we're all swooning over this little guy.  Our first grandchild! 

Monday, December 17, 2007

Mandy Pant's Birthday Idea for Mom

Dearest Mother,
   I deeply apologize for my cell phone bill. Go ahead and take that out of my dog walking account. Here is what I want for my birthday: A silver 80 or 160 GB iPod! por favor! Thanks momma! love loves!

Cannon Kid Gift Giving List

We drew names last night so here is the list. Sincerest apologies, I didn't know that Scott and Mitzi wanted to do just one gift until this morning, although for some reason I'm not surprised because they are the most practical. However, Christmas is no time for practicalities! I hope its okay that each person gives to one person. Is everyone still ok with a $50 budget? Here's the list!
Nicole-has Mitten
Clark-has Amanda
Scott-has Aaron
Mitzi-has Carole
Aaron-has Nicole
Carole-has Clark
Amanda-has Scott
Start posting ideas! Love you guys the mostest and now I'm going to go eat some hostess! 

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Christmas Gift Exchange?

Dearest family of Cannons, What is the plan for exchanging gifts this year? Are we drawing names? Or should we spred the love and get everyone gifts this year? Or maybe we can all spend our money on iPhones for ourselves?! Aaron & I are up for whatever. What would you guys like to do?? Hooray for Christmas!!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

26 miles across the sea

Santa Catalina is a waitin' for me!  Enough with the waiting - we were there!  Golf carts are great transportation and racing through town at 15 mph is a blast.  Rick had the time of his life.  Of course Carole found the gelato place and who can refuse that?  As we were racing down a hill, I had to make them stop and turn around to get this great picture of the Thanksgiving turkey.  So who is the best turkey?  The pelican or Amanda?  It got dark early and I got a fun picture of the full moon shining through Christmas lights on the shore.
Oh how I loved being all together in San Diego for Thanksgiving!  We had a great time hanging out at Carole and Aaron's on their new furniture.  We found out that Carole could actually seat 11 people for dinner in her apartment and easily transition them into the living area for "Secret Combinations".  The day's highlight for me was going to my cousin, Anna Lewis' after dinner.  My cousin, Chuck, was there with his wife.  Extended family was there and it was so great to visit.  I've never been with this part of my family on a Thanksgiving and I truly think that they are some of the most charming, delightful people in the world.  Carole got us all out to the Wild Animal Park where we hunted for the tiger who had gone AWOL.  I was disappointed that Lorikeet Landing was closed - they must have heard Aunt Anita was coming.  The tiger cub we saw last spring has grown into a handsome beast who posed for us as he overlooked his kingdom.  We were lucky enough to be accompanied by Safari Clark and the giraffe loving Short person.  It was just an all round good time.