Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Noma's 85th Suprize Birthday Party

Last Saturday afternoon we had a beautiful ride down to Mapleton, Utah. Norma's son Clint, and his wife, Wylene, had planned a surprise party for Norma's 85th birthday. They had a lovely dinner catered and invited us all to come. The food was wonderful and each table had a centerpiece that depicted some special aspect of Norma's life and interest. They had requested pictures and we sent several down which they used also.
Norma lives across the street from a lovely home that covers two lots. On one lot is their dwelling and on the other is a huge recreation building. It has a weight room, an indoor wave pool room and a big hall for basketball and sports with a kitchen off one corner. This is where the party was. As the dinner wound down, Rustin and the others wound up and decided to give the chin-up bars a try. Jeff was sure if his neck was only a little bit longer he could have suceeded. Only one person made it all the way to an official chin-up. Look below for the star athlete!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Canyon Picnic

Nicole called me late last Saturday afternoon and asked if we could have our traditional Conference picnic in the canyon one week early. She and Rustin had plans to go to Lake Powell with their bishop's family over Conference, but they didn't want to miss out on our picnic. So we took off after church for the Alpine Loop. The canyon was super crowded. There were no picnic spots available. Luckily Rustin knew of a picnic area above the Tibble Fork reservoir that was unmarked. We kept going and going and found one of the most lovely spots shrouded in autumn glory I've ever seen. It was chilly but very beautiful! Rustin and Nicole had brought their Ranger, so after eating they took off up a dirt road and the two cars followed slowly behind. We took turns driving and riding in the ranger going quickly through the trees and leaves. At one point Carole and Clark took us on wild rides around another lake high in the mountains. We loved it so much that Jeff and I met Nicole and Rustin back at the same place Monday evening and took the ranger all the way to the top of the mountain. It was exhilarating to be outdoor and submerged in the autumn colors. Oh how glorious. As it turned out, that was really a good idea, because this Conference weekend it is dark and gray and cold and raining. We would have missed a spectacular experience in Utah's mountains.

Corbin Came to Visit ! ! !

Scott & Mitzi came down with Corbin to visit because Kat & Richard Ethington were home from Dubai for a visit. They had a wonderful time seeing their old friends again. And I had a wonderful time taking Corbin on walks in Murray Park with Barkley. Cute little Corbin galloped all through the park, lickety split. He galloped at least a mile as our pathway wound all through the park. As you can see, there were times Barkley and I had to giddy up to stay close to him! He brought such delight and happiness into our home, although he didn't much like the Halloween witch that screams and cackles or the hanging spider that drops down to scare people.

The Lord's Tenth

September 26th was a beautiful autumn evening. Jeff invited members of the ward where he was bishop (The University 10th Ward) to bring their children to our home for dinner on our back patio. We called the members of his ward "The Lord's Tenth" in deference to their spirituality and service. They are some of the most wonderful young people in the world.Sister Cannon and Bishop Cannon Brenda & Ben Thomas (our dog, Wilbur's caretaker) and their three boys. Lindsey (Boyer) and Dr. Dan Kaelberer and their lovely children. Sarah & Jared Johnson and their six children. Gina & Brian Taylor and their two girls. He is a sports announcer on the radio. All the usual suspects. Camille and Bruce Killpack with Sage & McClean (who takes care of our yard all summer.)