Saturday, May 17, 2008

Carole's Coming

Barkley was so thrilled when we brought Carole home from the airport, that he kept letting out little whelping cries over and over again. And oh has she made his dreams come true. She's taken him to Millcreek Canyon and running and to the Dog Park and down to Cottonwood Creek. What fun we've had while she's been here. There is nothing quite like having family together again. We've watched and screamed through 2 Jazz playoff games and eaten and eaten and eaten all kinds of yummy goodness. Thank you for coming, Carole. You've made us all so very happy!

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Mandy Graduates amid moustaches

May Day 2008!  One of the great moments in a mother's life.  I got to present a bachelor's degree to my Baby Manda!  What a thrill!  She did it and she did it well.  As her dean said, "Welcome to the fellowship of educated people."   Scott & Mitzi made the trek to our house from Boise to help us celebrate the occasion, with sweet baby Corbin in tow.  PF Chang's was the setting for our post-grad victuals.  It brought back memories of Carole's graduation day.  Saturday morning was the convocation for all the colleges.  We heard from the U of U's Nobel Laureate, Dr. Mario Cappechhi.  Post grad brunch was at The Garden Room in Hotel Utah bringing memories of Nicole's graduation.  It was a spectacular morning in contrast to the snow we had the day before.  We walked through glorious spring flowers on temple square before gearing up for the nighttime activity. Yes, Clark resurrected his annual "Moustache Party Saturday night.  People had been growing facial hair for about three weeks.  Top honors went to Monsieur Corbean for his French-flair moustache. Scott was sporting a mirror-image moustache shave.  And Uncle Rick was not about to be left out of the fun.  Barkley, too, joined the party at Nicole's house and had a name tag attached to his chest-hair identifying him as "The Beast".  He made quick work of the every mini-powdered sugar donut he could nuzzle anyone in to feeding him and would have eaten the entire platter-full if allowed.  All in all, it was a great, memorable weekend until Scott and Mitzi insisted on taking Corbin home with them which brought tears to my eyes.